Who are you? 
My name is Kevin, and I am a medical student living in NYC. Between watching lectures, studying my ass off, and hitting the gym (GSL - Gym, Study, Lecture), I also squeeze in some eating. This is my blog about what goes into my empty stomach.

What's with the blog's title?
To those of you who are a bit slow, MD Stomach sounds a whole lot like Empty Stomach. See what I did there? Pun!

Your pun sucks.
Pfft, haters gonna hate.

Why are you writing a food blog when there are a gazillion other ones out there?
I realize that food blogs are a dime a dozen and lack any sort of novelty or appeal, let alone ones written by Asian males, so the purpose of this blog is most certainly not about amassing a horde of adoring and fawning followers (though I certainly would not be opposed to such a development, either). Rather, I simply enjoy eating and, contrary to how I felt back in tenth grade English with Dr. Bath, writing. Thus, I figured that I might as well begin writing a blog myself, even if nobody is likely to read it. Writing here also serves the purpose of giving me something to take my mind off of the ridiculous amount of material that I have to learn during medical school, such as the fine distinction between hypothyroidism, pseudohypothyroidism, and pseudopseudohypothyroidism. Try saying that ten times fast.

Are the foods that you post on your blog representative of what you eat on an everyday basis?
During the school year, I actually eat home-cooked meals most of the time, as it's much  more time-, cost-, and waistline-efficient than eating out or ordering takeout. I doubt anyone would be terribly interested in seeing my typical foods (eggs, oatmeal, and chicken breast are some of my standbys) day after day, so what you see here are the occasions when I have the time (and money) to go out for a meal. Then again, my brother usually pays for meals when we go out to eat together, so I guess money isn't something I always have to have, either. 

Other than food and medicine, what are your interests and hobbies?
Besides just eating food, I like learning about the science of food, a.k.a. nutrition. Also, my lifelong participation in athletics and weight training have piqued my interest in exercise physiology and sports medicine. Coming into medical school, my dream was to become the next Dr. James Andrews, who is the most badass orthopedic surgeon in the country and is known by anyone who follows professional sports. Pretty much anytime you hear his name linked to an athlete, you know the shit's about to hit the ceiling. So while kids grow up aspiring to become baseball and football stars, I dreamed about becoming the guy who would cut into athletes' elbows and shoulders. Now that I put that in writing, I think that makes me sound a bit sadistic.

I am a big baseball fan, having played the sport through my junior year of college on my school's club team. The Seattle Mariners are my favorite team, and I'm a big fan of Ichiro, though I was a fan of the Mariners long before Ichiro arrived. Making it over to Safeco Field to watch the M's in the summer of 2010 was definitely one of my most memorable experiences. The other sports teams that I root for are the Titans (NFL), Sabres (NHL), and Arsenal (EPL). As you can see, my team allegiance is all over the place, but I doubt that I can ever be called a front-runner or bandwagon fan since most of my favorite teams aren't too good.

Wow, you sound like an incredibly fascinating, mysterious, and sexy fella. How can I learn more about you?
Thanks, I get those compliments a lot. Feel free to email me (see Contact tab).